To: All DRV Residents and Owners 30 April 2020
Corona Virus – DRV Procedures: Notice No 6

THIS NOTICE 6 MUST BE READ TOGETHER WITH THE PREVIOUS FIVE NOTICES in that it serves to maintain certain measures already put in place.

Although the partial lifting of the total national lockdown to Level Four will be introduced from Friday 1 May 2020, in reality this means few changes to our current status. All reports advise that those who are elderly, and those with underlying conditions, must remain at home and take additional precautions to isolate themselves. With the partial lifting, we can implement certain changes from 4 Monday 2020:·


  • The full complement of gardeners and cleaning staff will be brought back;
  • They will all be fully briefed regarding our control measures, have their temperatures checked every day and wear masks at all times;
  • The staff will have their lunch where they are working. Residents are asked to keep clear of the garden and cleaning staff;
  • We will implement winter mowing arrangements;

Laundry – The laundry will be open for business for all residents;


  • The Village maintenance team will be back in the Village;
  • They will be working in common property areas only, focusing on repairing garden gates;
  • They may not enter any private unit, unless cleared by Jackie or in an emergency.

External takeaway meals – takeaway meals ordered from external food outlets or restaurants must be collected at the Galloway Gate entrance. Security will not offer a delivery service to your unit for these externally ordered meals.

Things that we cannot change:

  • External Carers – carers not controlled by All Care, who previously came in daily, will NOT be allowed in yet;
  • Visits by family and friends – visitors will NOT be allowed into the Village;
  • Private gardeners or private domestic workers – will NOT be allowed into the Village;
  • All Care cleaners / domestic workers – will NOT be allowed into the Village.

Live-in external carers
We are aware that live-in external carers have not been able to do shift changeovers during the past five weeks. Any shift changeovers of live-in carers after 1 May 2020 will have to be for a minimum of 14 (fourteen) days. The new live-in carer and the resident will have to self-isolate for this period, in terms of our COVID-19 procedures. Effectively this means permanent total isolation for those  utilising external live-in carers in exactly the same manner that our Frail Care residents are in total isolation.

Residents must CONTINUE TO APPLY THE EXISTING STRICT MEASURES and ADHERE FULLY WITH ALL PROCEDURES contained in this and prior notices. These measures are aimed at minimising the possibility of introducing or spreading any infection within the Village.

SOCIAL GATHERINGS – in common property areas are prohibited;


  • Residents who leave the village on a regular basis increase the risk of exposure to the virus for all of us;
  • Any resident who wants to leave the village will have to make a telephonic request to Jackie on 3337 or *507. Should Jackie approve the request, she will notify security at Galloway Gate. The resident will then have his/her driver’s licence scanned before leaving and re-entering the village;
  • The Niven Gate will remain closed.

WALKING IN THE COMMON PROPERTY AREAS – allowed in common property areas subject to:

  • Social distancing (2m apart) is maintained at all times, except between couples;
  • You will have to wear a cloth mask while walking around the village;
  • Perspex masks can only be used in conjunction with a cloth mask;
  • Avoid any contact with the gardeners, cleaners and maintenance staff;
  • If you feel at risk at any stage, stay at home.


5. RESIDENTS RETURNING TO WORK – copies of the permit authorising the employer to resume work and the letter from the employer allowing the employee to travel to work should be given to Jackie de Kock, the General Manager.

RESIDENTS ARE CAUTIONED TO TAKE EXTRA SPECIAL CARE OF THEMSELVES, their surroundings and interactions with fellow residents. If any of you experience flu-like symptoms, please let Matron Jackie or Jackie de Kock know.
Please be especially alert during the lockdown to the possible needs of your neighbours and, where you cannot provide help or support, alert Jackie or Matron to the situation.


Thank you for your continued co-operation and support in these testing times.
Andy McDonald, Chairperson