To: All DRV Residents and Owners 30 May 2020
Corona Virus – DRV Procedures: Notice No 8

THIS NOTICE 8 MUST BE READ TOGETHER WITH THE PREVIOUS SEVEN NOTICES in that it serves to maintain some of the measures already put in place, relax certain controls and implement the
introduction of Level 3 as announced by Government, as far as is practicable.
The key aspect with Level 3 is that everyone is expected to take responsibility for their own health and safety. Further, the relaxations in our controls being introduced below will increase your risk of exposure to the virus.
Residents must CONTINUE TO APPLY THE EXISTING MEASURES and ADHERE FULLY WITH ALL PROCEDURES contained in this and prior notices. These measures are aimed at minimising the possibility of introducing or spreading any infection within the Village, in summary:


  • Residents will have to provide a permit to the worker/gardener, using the form available at Reception:
  • This form, once completed, must be given to security so that it is available for the worker/gardener to pick up on their first arrival;
  • Thereafter they will have to carry it with them on all subsequent visits;
  • No worker will be permitted into the Village without this form;
  • Workers will have their temperature recorded on every entry into the Village. Entry into the Village will not be permitted if the temperature is above the upper limit. Depending on the circumstances of such a potentially infected worker – the employer unit may need to be put into a 14-day quarantine;
  • The resident will have to provide a mask and sanitiser to the worker/gardener to use around his/her unit. The mask should stay at the unit and be sanitised before/after use;
  • The domestic worker will be expected to sanitise on arrival. It is recommended that the worker then changes into a set of clothes left at the resident’s unit. The clothes left at the resident’s unit should be cleaned and sanitised after use;
  • Regular washing hands, sanitising and use of masks is required;
  • The worker/gardener will be expected to move directly between the Galloway Gate and the unit, and not roam around the Village;
  • The Lifestyle Centre remains out of bounds for workers;
  • Workers/gardeners will not be allowed to walk dogs around the Village;
  • Any domestic cleaners provided by All Care will be required to sanitise before and after each assignment at the Mid-Care/Frail-Care facilities;

CAUTION: by allowing a domestic worker into your unit substantially increases the risk of you contracting the virus. The necessary precautions and 4S’s need to be maintained.


  • All benches will be put back in place, but spaced further apart to support social distancing;
  • We recommend that only one person sits on a bench at a time, other than couples living together. A cross with red tape on the seat will be placed to remind residents of this;
  • The tables will not be put back in place at this stage.


  • Residents can leave the Village at any time between 6am and 6pm per the Level 3 regulations;
  • It will not be necessary to get pre-clearance from Jackie to leave the Village;
  • All residents will have their drivers’ licences scanned at Galloway Gate entrance on leaving and re-entering the village;
  • We encourage residents to keep these excursions outside of the Village as short and as infrequent as possible;

CAUTION: frequent visits out of the Village increase the risk of exposure to the virus.


  • All returning residents and their passengers, and anyone else entering the Village (staff, contractors, service providers, etc) will have their temperatures taken and recorded by security personnel on duty;
  • No visitors or family members are allowed to visit residents inside their units;
  • Any non-resident needing to enter the Village must be pre-cleared by the General Manager.


  • Remains closed, other than for the library, reception, ordering of meals and to utilise the WiFi;
  • Religious services will not be allowed at this stage.

6. WALKING IN THE COMMON PROPERTY AREAS is allowed in common property areas subject to:

  • Social distancing (2m apart) at all times; and
  • You will have to wear a cloth mask while walking around the village.

7. ESTATE AGENTS are allowed back in the Village subject to:

  • Getting clearance from the General Manager prior to entry; and
  • Adhering to the 4S’s at all times.

8. NEED HELP – should residents be unhappy or concerned for any reason, they should speak to Jackie.

RESIDENTS ARE CAUTIONED TO TAKE EXTRA SPECIAL CARE OF THEMSELVES, their surroundings and interactions with fellow residents. We remind you that the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions are those most at risk to this virus. If any of you experience flu-like symptoms, please let Matron Jackie or Jackie de Kock know.
Please be especially alert to the possible needs of your neighbours and where you cannot provide help or support, alert Jackie or Matron to the situation.


Thank you for your continued co-operation and support in these testing times.
Andy McDonald, Chairperson