Most restrictions as described in previous notices were lifted after the second wave had reduced to a low level.

Once the third wave commenced in May 2021, certain precautionary measures were re-introduced. These include:

  • Social distancing and the wearing of face masks in all common areas must continue. Note that clear visor masks are unacceptable, unless a cloth mask covering nose and mouth is used in combination with a clear visor mask.
  • Strict access for visitors to the Care Centre. If in doubt please contact the Care Centre for further information.
  • No access into the Service centre to non-residents. Access by visitors to the reception desk is only permitted in order to conduct any business on behalf of a resident.
  • No visitors are permitted into the dining room for meals. Residents can order take-away meals and entertain limited visitors in their unit or in common area picnic areas.
  • All social activities in the Service Centre have been curtailed until the third wave has subsided.

Residents are urged to take all sensible precautions as described in many of the previous notices. An element of complacency developed at the end of the second wave. We urge you to rekindle your awareness of the virus.

While most of our residents and staff took advantage of the free vaccine administered in the village – it must be emphasised that having had the vaccine, this is no guarantee of not contracting the virus. More specifically it does not guarantee that you are not a carrier of the virus. You can be asymptomatic and can therefore still infect somebody else and somebody else who has been vaccinated can also be asymptomatic and still infect you. Be aware also that there are a number of residents in the Village who elected not to be vaccinated.

The Directors are reluctant to implement any harsher levels of lockdown. They will however continue to follow any government regulations. There is an increasing view that we need to take care of our own wellbeing by observing all sensible precautions that have been well documented. Be especially aware of the fact that others may not be as diligent as you.