One of the features of Highveld rain storms is that a significant amount of rain falls in a relatively short space of time. This becomes evident when relatively small streams suddenly become raging torrents of water. Douglasdale Retirement Village has a relatively small stream feeding the dams on our property. Several times a year, during the summer months we witness this stream turning into a spectacular torrent of water. This usually brings out many residents to watch the spectacle. It is important to note that these “floods” present no danger to our property. Extensive work, as described  elsewhere, has been done to make our waterway safe and to limit soil erosion. We are particularly proud of the work done in this regard.  DRV has a low level bridge that connects the North section with the South section. This is the only area where care needs to be taken. The bridge does become submerged – usually for no more than an hour. During this time vehicles should not cross the bridge. Pedestrians still have access across the river as the pedestrian bridge is well above the flood level. DRV has 2 gates to the outside world, so while the bridge is under water, vehicles can use the alternative exit. The only other downside of the flood events is that sand is brought into our dams from upstream. However, as described elsewhere, we have constructed several sand traps that work very well and which catch most of the sand before it enters the various dams. These sand traps are designed for easy access in order to clear the sand during the dry winter periods. The following photos give an idea of the spectacle of a “flood” event.