Kingfisher Apartments

This building consists of 4 types of apartments varying in size from 51 m² to 68 m². They are either 1 or 2 bedroom units. All have a covered patio. Ground floor units have private gardens that vary significantly in size depending on the location of the unit. All floors are serviced by a lift. Please take special note that while there are 2 lifts servicing this building – only one lift goes to the top floor. When this lift is being serviced, residents on the top floor would need to walk down one flight of stairs. While this happens infrequently – it is of significance to persons with mobility limitations. Parking is available in carports on the North and West side of this building.

The floor layouts of these 4 apartment types are illustrated below.

Note that some floorplans will be mirror images of the plans shown below. Actual dimensions may vary.