Douglasdale Retirement Village is designed as an “independent living” Village where new residents are expected to be able to care for themselves. However, eventually age catches up with us all and with it may come age related health issues.

One of the primary considerations that anybody living in a Retirement Village will have, relates to the level of medical care that can be expected, especially in their older years. Some Retirement Villages fall seriously short in this regard.

At Douglasdale Retirement Village we subscribe to the concept that, where possible, residents should be cared for in their own homes for as long as practically possible. This is where people will usually be most comfortable.

The Village has appointed a Healthcare Service Provider that not only operates the Frail and Mid Care units – but also provides and manages trained home care staff. These carers can be employed by the hour or can be appointed either for day care, night care or full time care.

The care staff operate under the direct supervision of our Healthcare Service Provider and can call on immediate support from the qualified nursing staff that are on duty 24 hours a day. This facility removes any stress related to finding such a service externally, or to deal with illness or other absences of a private carer. Residents are, of course, still free to appoint their own carers. Such carers need to be approved by the Village Matron.

Should homecare not be practical, the Mid Care unit offers a facility for those who require this mid level of care. Full nursing services are provided, together with all meals and other living requirements.

The Frail care unit is available to those who require a heightened level of care. Should no bed be available in the Frail Care unit – the Healthcare Service Provider will provide the equivalent level of care in the patient’s unit, until such time as a bed becomes available. This will be at the standard Frail Care rate.

The nursing staff consist of all levels of qualification ranging from a matron, to duty sisters, nurses and aides. The Village has a day sister who is available for scheduled home visits and medication management. In addition she operates a morning clinic where routine matters such as injections, blood pressure tests, blood taking for pathology purposes, wound treatment etc. can be dealt with. Note that the staff are not licensed to prescribe or to supply prescription medication. They will, where necessary, assist in the ordering and delivery of prescription medication.

Residents living in the Village, who rely on life sustaining equipment such as oxygen machines, are welcome to visit the medical care facility during extended power failures. Emergency power is always available to power their equipment.

People accommodated in the Care facilities enjoy the services of aides who encourage the participation in exercise therapy, games and other activities. Where appropriate, these aides will assist people to take walks in the gardens and are often seen wheeling people in wheelchairs along the riverine area.

A doctor’s consulting room forms part of the facility and a doctor is in attendance at specified times. Physiotherapy is provided on a regular basis by a contracted physiotherapist. Hearing tests are conducted by a visiting audiologist. This service includes the prescription and maintenance of hearing aids.

In the event of a medical emergency that is beyond the scope of the nursing facility, paramedics are summonsed. We have contracted a private group of paramedics who respond very rapidly with a first-line team of highly qualified paramedics. Where necessary they will make use of their own ambulance service for transportation to a hospital. Residents are encouraged to register their hospital and doctor of choice. Where this has not been done and the patient is unable to communicate their choice – the patient will generally be transported to a local approved hospital.

Residents are encouraged to place an up to date medical data sheet on the back of their bedroom door. It details the medication you are on, any allergies, your doctor’s details, medical aid and preferred hospital. This is of paramount importance – particularly for those living on their own, as it will provide essential data to first-responders in the event that you are unable to communicate the details at the time of a medical emergency. Download the data sheet  Medical Data Sheet.

The following contact details should be used for any healthcare requirements:

General enquiries, quotes etc: email: Phone: 010593 3338 (Office hours only.) Note that when dialing from an internal phone, only the last 4 digits are required.

Duty station (all hours): 010 593 3342. Note that there are times when this number may not be promptly answered due to staff dealing with peak work pressures. Please be patient. In an emergency dial 010 593 3348. This will connect you with our 24 hour security office. A security officer will assist you.