The following is a list of major projects either completed or planned. Planned projects are always subject to the availability of funds. Indicated commencement dates are therefore subject to change. It should be noted that the Directors adhere to CSOS regulations relating to funding levels in the reserve fund and the usage of such funds.

Galloway road pedestrian walkway.Complete
South Western walkway.Completed
Boreholes and irrigation.Completed
Emergency water.Completed
Replace picket fences.Completed
River and dams. Flood control, gabions, desilting and exit security.Completed
Boundary wall repairs.Completed
Niven entrance garden.Completed
Buildings and boundary walls painting.CompletedNext painting scheduled for 2026
Road markingsCompletedNext painting scheduled for 2022
Simplex roof repairs.In progressShould be completed in 2022.
Lighting along berm walkway.CompletedCompleted August 2020
Upgrade security at Eastern boundary.CompletedCompleted August 2020
Upgrade of furniture and fittings in Lifestyle Centre.CompletedCompleted 2021
Upgrade small pedestrian bridge.CompletedCompleted 2021
Solar panels for Galloway entrance.CompletedCompleted 2021
Re-profiling of walkway at unit 54 to reduce slope.CompletedCompleted 2021
Splaying of roadway at the T junction to provide easier access.CompletedCompleted 2021
Marbelite swimming pool.CompletedCompleted June 2021
Bypass pipe for sewer spills.Scheduled 2020On hold
Improvements to Lifestyle Centre parking area.Partial completion to deal with Health and Safety issues.Cosmetic improvements on hold
Building 1 flooring repairs.Scheduled 2021
Additional emergency water storage.Scheduled 2021
Telephone and data system upgradeScheduled 2021
Pedestrian bridge alongside main vehicle bridge.Scheduled 2022
Upgrade of Galloway entrance.Scheduled 2024
Road resurfacing.To be scheduledSubject to finance availabilty. Temporary repairs done August 2020.