Pure peace of mind: State of the art security 24x7.

  • Perimeter Security: high wall topped with zoned electrical fencing. Guard patrols during the night.
  • Access control: all non-residents monitored and checked-in individually at both entry and exit.
  • In-home security: portable panic alarm, smoke detector and fire blanket in every home.
  • Fire-fighting & evacuation: fully trained first responders on site 24/7. Extinguishers, hoses and hydrants installed to regulation standards. Regular fire drills held in apartment blocks. Outdoor assembly points signposted.
  • Health & safety: regularly audited and certified.
  • Emergency reporting via Main gate, Care Centre or Reception (office hours).

At the Douglasdale Retirement Village, we understand that personal security is key to one’s peace of mind and contentment. The safety of residents is always therefore our top priority, and our comprehensive security arrangements – described below – are kept under constant review to ensure they reflect current best practice.

Homes here really are ‘lock-up-and-go’ with an easy mind.

The  Village’s security service provider is 24/7 SECURITY SERVICES. They have repeatedly proved their professionalism and efficiency.

The Galloway entrance guardhouse functions as the control room for security matters. Both the Galloway guardhouse and its satellite at the Niven gate are manned 24/7. They have emergency power back-up to ensure ongoing functionality during power failures.

They have rapid contact channels to all emergency services as well as instant access via 2-way radios to their own armed response service. The security company maintains a close relationship with the Douglasdale SAPS.

The perimeter wall is topped with a zoned electrified security fence linked to the guardhouse, with instant indication of the location of an intrusion or fault. Additional sensors are installed in selected areas.

Guards patrol the perimeter and village roads at frequent intervals throughout the night. During these patrols they also check for garage doors and car windows left open, security gates not closed, and other general security issues. While on patrol the guards are in communication with each other and the control room using 2-way radios.

Access control is strictly monitored and is state of the art.

Residents and family members:
All residents are issued with one or more security tags used for entering and exiting the Village.

Visitors in vehicles: The licence disc and the driver’s driving licence are scanned. The unit being visited is contacted by phone and the resident must give permission for the visitor(s) to be admitted. If no contact can be made admission will be denied.

Visitors on foot: Will be admitted only when their destination household has given permission.

Daily employees: All employees (including privately employed domestic servants and gardeners) are required to undergo a pre-admission security and fingerprint check. A pass card is then issued. Thereafter, their access is subject to biometric scanning, and must always be via the turnstile at the Galloway gate (which is also their only permitted exit point).

Contractors & their employees: Contractors have to unload their employees outside the gate and each one is processed individually at the guardhouse. Each employee must provide suitable identification. No contractor or contractor’s team is granted access without the consent of the unit being visited.

Exit control for employees and contractors:
Employees and contractors leaving the Village are subject to random searches; private vehicles may also be searched. Any item given to them to take away must be itemised on a written note signed by the resident in question.

Panic alarm system
A portable pendant alarm is provided in each unit. Pressing the alarm’s GREEN button displays the resident’s unit number at both the Galloway guardhouse and the nurses’ station. During office hours it also alerts Reception and the Matron. The procedures described under “Health Care Emergencies” will then come into play.

Similar panic buttons are also installed in the lifts serving the three apartment buildings.

Smoke detection
Every unit is fitted with a battery-powered automatic smoke detector. The batteries are renewed annually by maintenance for a small cost. The replacement is obligatory.

Fire blankets
Each unit also has a fire blanket for smothering small fires.

All security staff and other selected staff members are fully trained in first-response firefighting and evacuation procedures.

Portable fire extinguishers are installed in Village buildings in accordance with regulations. The Village is also equipped with reel hoses and full-size hydrant hoses and nozzles that can reach any part of the Village.

Evacuation procedures are especially important in the apartment buildings. Each floor has an appointed fire marshal, and mandatory fire drills are held regularly. Safe emergency assembly points around the Village are designated and marked.

A professional health and safety consultant ensures that the Village is complying with all statutory health and safety regulations. Regular audits are undertaken.

Emergency telephone numbers
Galloway Gate security (all hours): 010 593 3348 / 010 593 3332
Care Centre duty room (all hours): 010 593 3342