Our telephone and internet system is managed by our Communications Service Provider – Zoom Networks.

Telephone 010 4488 000
General enquiries info@zoomnetworks.co.za
Support  support@zoomnetworks.co.za.


It is important to note that our system is not a Telkom system. There is a monthly charge for this system which is somewhat  cheaper than a Telkom system. This is a compulsory charge as all units need a phone link to the Guardhouse, Reception and Care Centre for security and medical response purposes.

The Village telephone system is a PABX system that operates very much like many business telephone systems. If you want to dial an outside line you need to dial “0” before dialling the normal number. So in most instances you would start each telephone number with a double zero e.g. 0011 xxx xxxx for Johannesburg numbers.

New residents moving into the Village are able to Port their existing Telkom phone number, thereby retaining their old number. This must be arranged with our Service Provider at least 30 days before moving in and BEFORE you cancel your Telkom service. See contact details above. There is no cost to do this and there will be no further payments to Telkom once the line has been ported. This option generally should only be considered by owners moving in to their own unit. It is not really suitable for tenants, unless there is a long term rental planned.

Internally you just need to dial the 4 digit number to reach any internal phone. An up to date directory of all internal phone numbers can be obtained from Reception. Phoning internal numbers are free.

External numbers incur a cost which is somewhat cheaper than the Telkom rates. See the table below.

The system is a pre-paid system requiring you to purchase airtime from Reception. Purchasing airtime is only required if you intend to use the phone for external calls. In order to find out what your current airtime balance is  – dial 0999# and listen to the voice prompt.

Any telephone fault should be reported to Reception who will take this up with our Communications Service Provider on your behalf.

Telephone Pricing (Including VAT)

Installation feeR0.00All units come with a phone.
Monthly Line RentalR56.35Compulsory for security purposes.
Internal callsR0.00Free
External calls SA20c per minute
External calls Mobile79c per minute
International callsVaries per country - but less than Telkom.


Our Communications Service Provider also provides internet connectivity. You can apply for this service at Reception or directly with the Service provider. See contact details at the top of this page.

It should be noted that this is not a fibre service. We do have high speed fibre into our PABX room but at that point it is converted to copper to each home. This still permits  speeds of up to 10 Mbps which is totally satisfactory for most purposes.

It is further important to note that other than the two cheaper data options, all other data options are uncapped. See the table below.

This data service is a month to month contract and can be cancelled at any time. Payment has to be by Debit Order directly to the Service Provider. Reception will assist you with details.

Faults relating to data need to be communicated directly to the Service Provider. Contact details are at the top of this page. Reception cannot assist with this as often there will need to be an interaction between the user and the Service Provider in order to resolve any fault.

The service that is provided includes a standard Wi-Fi router in each unit. This incurs an initial installation fee. A router is only required if one is not already installed.

For those who cannot justify a data connection into their unit – there is a free Wi-Fi Zone in the Lifestyle Centre that is available for anybody to use.

Internet Pricing (Including VAT)

Installation fee.n/aR250 (once off)
Wi-Fi Routern/aR990 (once off)If required
1Gb Capped1 MbpsR25 (monthly)
5Gb Capped5 MbpsR99 (monthly)
Uncapped1 MbpsR209 (monthly)
Uncapped4 MbpsR509 (monthly)Most popular
Uncapped10 MbpsR1,009 (monthly)