The opportunity to invest now, retire later

Douglasdale Retirement Village, an established sectional title community in a highly sought-after location in Sandton, is in a class of its own.

Whether you are:

  • Over 50, looking to live in a trouble-free property with assured capital appreciation over time
  • Looking to invest in a property in advance of your own retirement
  • Providing a home for a loved one who has already retired
  • Looking for a rental income

our garden village is your prime choice.

In a lively village like ours, many residents are still actively working full- or part-time. They enjoy convenient access to local gyms, and to tennis, golf, and bowling clubs, as well as the reassurance of full primary health care facilities on site with superlative 24 x 7 security. All told, the friendly atmosphere of our garden village is a natural choice for those engaged in life who want to retire in a unique environment.